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Bo Mellberg

@rpedde wrote:

@[email protected] and @[email protected] get automatically substituted when they get streamed out of the embedded web server. So if they could be set as parameters in the flashdaap.html, then it could get automatically set.

There is a new version making the host and port “per client settable”. It includes an update to the html to this:

FlashDAAP.html (edited lines):

'movie', '[email protected]@&[email protected]@',

As you see above, to be sure this works on as many platforms as possible, you need to update your host and port info in three places. Also, I tried to use @[email protected] and @[email protected] in those places, but @[email protected] did not bite. Don’t know why because @[email protected] worked just fine… If you need this working NOW (until Ron tells use what to use instead of @[email protected] just fill in your server and port needs and the Flash code will parse them. If you are happy with “auto mode” just set them both empty, like this:

'movie', 'FlashDAAP?host=&port=',