Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly

Bo Mellberg

@blamm wrote:

Bo.. Any chance of making it look like the playlist page??? 😉

Absolutely. I was just playing around, trying to make it look nice.

I haven’t looked in to it much, but I think most of the things in Flash can be CSS customized. Perhaps this can be a way to make it “skinnable”, using an external CSS file.

Ron: Include it if you feel it does the job better than the java one. The code is all yours. Do you want to handle it on your project page? If we had the source for this Flash client in the same spot as the Firefly server could I work with it directly towards that address, making the nightlies always contain the latest version?

Also, since this is no longer based on DAAP, I suggest a name change to “FireFlash”. Perhaps the version numbers can be the same as those for FireFly? (FireFlash svn-1586 etc)