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[So any clues for hard-coding the server:port somewhere?

How about the url taking some optional parameters e.g. FlashDAAP.html?server=slug&port=3689

The code could then check to see if they were supplied, if not it would auto-detect using serverstring:String = “http://” + String(this._url).split(“/”)[2];

@[email protected] and @[email protected] get automatically substituted when they get streamed out of the embedded web server. So if they could be set as parameters in the flashdaap.html, then it could get automatically set.

Bo — do you have any objections if I start including flashdaap rather than the java dingus in the nightlies?

You had said at some point once you were out of heavy development you would release the source, right?

Oh, and would you consider putting the version number somewhere in the ui so people could report versions?

— Ron