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Bo Mellberg

@T-bird wrote:

But where is another problem, if i mark an artist and that results in just 1 album hit and that album has varius artist, all are listed in the songlist window 😕

Running 0.52 on Slug

That’s not a problem, that’s a feature! 🙂

I like the possibility to see all tracks from the album you choose, not just those with the selected artist. But it also seemed unnessecary to show “(All 1 albums…) if there is only one. So we’re loosing the capability you’re asking for, but the interface is more intuitive.

We could off course update the artist list so that it contains just artists from the chosen album. Then you could go back to the artist list and chose the artist (artists) you want to listen to from that particular album. Most albums has just one artist though, so the artist list would be rather empty most of the time.

Anyone else have any input regarding this? I’m all ears…but now I’m off to bed. G’nite!