Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly

Bo Mellberg

@Franc wrote:

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion in my 2nd post: it would make sense if the first Song is selected when you select an album, so you can simply hit Play, without having to select a song first.

It makes sense as the first Artist is also selected when you select the Library and the first Album is selected when you select an Artist.

I have also noticed that when you start browsing your library while a song is playing, when it gets to the end of a song, it skips to whatever song is shown in the list that’s there because you are browsing, not the next song that was there orginally.
In other words: there is no difference between the block showing current songs to be played and the songs you are browsing through (am I making sense?).

All valid and noted. As well as the “Stop”-feature. The play button is supposed to toggle to a pause button.