Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly

Bo Mellberg

@blamm wrote:

Also, I am quite convinced that the list order should be Artist->Album->Track. At least this is how you browse on the Soundbridge.

You are probably right. A quick check reveals that this is how most other players to it too. Also, like the Roku, can I suggest you used the word “Song” instead of “Track”.

Thanks again. This is really good player. I am already using it despite it not playing wav.

OK, “Song” it is! I’ll try to mimic the look of your mockup. I like the headers being inverted and bold. I will also look into having normal looking drag bars, as I don’t really approve of the Flash look.

Another thing: if we decide to put it in the admin-root folder, we don’t really need the address field and connect button, right? I’ll just connect to the server it resides on automatically. In the future we could perhaps make this customizable (?) in the html. It could be a popup box with the available servers perhaps.