Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly

Bo Mellberg

@rpedde wrote:

@fizze wrote:

Holy moly thats an awesome feat! 😀 🙂
I wub it already. And even on the slug its blazingly fast!

Whats the black magic there? Nothing I’ve seen browsed firefly that fast!

Can you integrate it with the web interface? (port and address stuff as noted above). If so, I’d be happy to replace the java thing with it.

Have you (or will you) publish the source?

Not sure what you mean by integrate here, but the latest version is to be put inside the admin-pages folder, I hope thats good?

The source will be open as soon as I feel satisfied with my first version. I’d have to translate all the comments from Swedish to English (yes, I comment my code) 🙂