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Bo Mellberg

@blamm wrote:


I would also suggest.

    – Adding playlists
    – Add “add to playlist” on right click of album, artist or track.
    – Remove the stop button (it does the same as ‘back’)
    – Make the play button a play/pause toggle.
    – Changing the layout to what is probably most common in players.
    – Controls (including search) at the top or bottom left.
    – Playlists down the side
    – Navigation panes across the middle (album, artist, track)
    – Now playing at the bottom

Everything above is valid and noted!

Regarding the “add to playlist” function, this would be of no use if it didnt actually update the playlists in the database, right? I have no idea of how to do that. Perhaps you could give me a walkthrough, Ron?

Also, I am quite convinced that the list order should be Artist->Album->Track. At least this is how you browse on the Soundbridge.