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Bo Mellberg

Hey all!

Glad you all like it!

I am sadly aware of Flash’s incapabilities to play anything but mp3:s. It does play wav-files, but only if they are imported into the project. For dynamic material its restricted to mp3:s.

I have already tried to just put the application where it belongs (in the mt-daapd folder, alongside the old java-applet). There are some sandbox issues to consider, but I’m convinced it could be done. Offcourse it should autofill the server address with the server and port it resides on.

It would be very nice if Firefly would take some “transcode argument” when asking for the music data. That way it could serve the Flash code with mp3:s while still serving wav to the Soundbridge.

You should also be aware that even if the Flash application resides on the server, it is in fact run on the client computer. This means that all requests (for updating the lists) have to take place between the server and the client computer. The network speed between those two determine how fast the lists are populated.

Playlists is next on my todo – clearly. Not so sure about the layout though. If someone wants to provide graphics for this app I would be glad.

There is no black magic going on. I am just asking the server for info using the normal http-requests and populating some arrays in Flash.

I have never worked in an open source project before. How do you recon I go about it?