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@Blebo wrote:

ok, well i updated libtool and that got rid of the libtool error, letting it compile ok. however, now i get this when try and start the service:

* Starting mt-daapd DAAP server ...
/lib/rcscripts/sh/ line 231: 26780 Segmentation fault /sbin/start-stop-daemon '--start' '--quiet' '--pidfile' '/var/run/' '--exec' '/usr/sbin/mt-daapd' '--' '-P' '/var/run/' '-c' '/etc/mt-daapd.conf' [ !! ]

this is when i use the config file from the previous nightly, tho, i’m thinking it is perhaps gentoo moreso than firefly that is the problem. what is the ‘default’ location of the firefly log file so i can give u guys more info if required?

Check your plugin directory. It should be /lib/mt-daapd/plugins, I think. Watch where it installs the plugins to when you compile it. If it’s pointed to /usr/share/mt-daapd/plugins, that’s the issue.

— Ron