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Reply To: Firefly causing folder to change to read only?



@toecheese wrote:

This is a strange one… I have a friend running Windows Vista and I just set him up with svn 1696 for his new Soundbridge. He says he then suddenly found that all the items in his MyDocuments folder had changed to read only.

He went to his Firefly config and started looking at things. When he deleted the Playlist File directory field so it was blank, then suddenly all his folders reverted back to normal. He then reentered his playlist directory path and everything changed back to read only again.

Ever heard of this one before?

The playlist field isn’t even used, so I’d think it’s probably not related, although it may be a uac related thing.

I’m not sure. I am sure it isn’t directly related to the playlist entry. Or firefly itself — it doesn’t every write anything. It opens all files except the db and log file as read only. Doesn’t ever write changes except to those two files.

— Ron