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@wwarren wrote:

I had never worked with linux before and got some help installing svn-1586 onto my Mybook using the instructions in the wiki. I’m now wanting to better understand what we did so I can do it again on my own with new nightlies.

I can pretty well understand what the instructions are doing, but each phase of the installation repeated the “./configure”, “make” and “sudo make install” commands. What exactly are those doing?

I’m thinking if I want to update to a new nightly, I don’t need to redo the library installs, but that I should copy the current mt-daapd file from the /usr/local/sbin/ folder to someplace else for safekeeping in case I want to restore it later.

Anyone want to chime in and offer a noob some advice?

Correct. Although if you keep the old tarball, you are just a rebuild away, so no real need to keep the binaries around. You can always just recompile an old version.

configure runs the built in configuration script, which probes your system to see what kind it is, what special options need to be set, that sort of thing.

Make builds the binary from the source code, and make install takes the binary files you just built and puts them in the right places in the file system (/usr/local/sbin, for example).