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@Iris wrote:

I’ve been following this thread with some interest as I’ve just recently acquired and softmodded the original Xbox. I created a source to access my network share on my NAS which btw also runs FF serving to my Roku’s. Since the Xbox can access all my songs incl. artwork, etc. I don’t really see the need to configure the Xbox to connect to FF. So I guess that’s my first question – is there some advantage I’m overlooking by using the network share as the source instead of FF?

Not really.

I did set-up a source pointing to :3689 and can access FF but all I see in this case is just my playlists which btw are m3u files and any smart playlists I’ve created. I can’t browse songs, albums or artists. I was expecting this to work similar to the Roku’s but I guess it doesn’t because the Xbox lacks the protocols. Is this right?

Right. The xbox uses daap, and it doesn’t even really use that right. it could implement artist or album browsing, but doesn’t really have a good interface for it.

Also, upon connecting to FF the scan within the Xbox takes quite awhile – anybody else experience this? Is this normal?

daap is *really* slow compared to rsp. Particularly on a slow machine like a slug or mss.

I also don’t use iTunes whatsoever so from my reading I believe that’s perhaps what the original intention of connecting the Xbox to a Daap server and that FF just got included in the mix and that’s where my confusion comes in.

Yup, originally it was to connect to iTunes, but it doens’t connect to itunes anymore — apple keeps changing the encryption too often. But by now, there are bunches of daap servers, so thats what everyone uses if they want to share via daap. Or, more likely, already have daap set up, and don’t want to try and use another (more featureful?) access method.

— Ron