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I’ve been following this thread with some interest as I’ve just recently acquired and softmodded the original Xbox. I created a source to access my network share on my NAS which btw also runs FF serving to my Roku’s. Since the Xbox can access all my songs incl. artwork, etc. I don’t really see the need to configure the Xbox to connect to FF. So I guess that’s my first question – is there some advantage I’m overlooking by using the network share as the source instead of FF?

I did set-up a source pointing to :3689 and can access FF but all I see in this case is just my playlists which btw are m3u files and any smart playlists I’ve created. I can’t browse songs, albums or artists. I was expecting this to work similar to the Roku’s but I guess it doesn’t because the Xbox lacks the protocols. Is this right?

Also, upon connecting to FF the scan within the Xbox takes quite awhile – anybody else experience this? Is this normal?

If someone has more experience with the Xbox and FF I’m very interested in exploring this further – even if it’s just to gain more insight.

I also don’t use iTunes whatsoever so from my reading I believe that’s perhaps what the original intention of connecting the Xbox to a Daap server and that FF just got included in the mix and that’s where my confusion comes in.