Reply To: XBMC & Firefly Hookup


@Woven wrote:

This is the version I’m using: Firefly Media Server (svn-1696).exe.
It shows the playlists in XBMC, but clicking a song is a no go.

The thing is.. I reverted my macbook’s xp os back to Itunes 6.5 and while I don’t need FF to connect to that version of Itunes, I’m having the same issue. I can see playlists right from Itunes share, but no Itunes bought music plays. If I convert to Mp3 it will play that.

Is it simply the Itunes protection of purchased music?
I was under the impression that xbmc could stream the unconverted Itunes songs..

Thats the latest windows nightly.

Is your library entirely made up for music bought through iTunes? if it is only iTunes will play those tracks (if the computer is ‘authorized’) as they’re DRM locked.