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Make sure you’re using a recent SVN build of XBMC first. for the latest builds.

Secondly, XBMC looks for only a specific port (forget what it is off hand, think it is 3869?), FF uses 9999 by default now iirc.

As a side note, XBMC is unable to see any music shared by iTunes 7.x, only iTunes 6.x shares will work with it.

I have the latest build.

I have 3689 as the port on XBMC and FF.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t work with IT7, but was pointed to FF as a workaround.

Thanks for the info. I guess I’m wondering what I’m suppose to select on the XBMC side when I setup the connection. I’ve been using Itunes Share Daap option + the ip# of the machine running FF.