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@gpalmans wrote:

drwxrwxrwx 2 admin smbusers 4096 Oct 26 09:51 raid/data/music/

not working
drwxrwx— 6 admin smbusers 4096 Oct 27 01:31 raid/data/user1/
drwxrwxr-x 3 user1 smbusers 4096 Oct 27 02:25 raid/data/user1/music/

Look at the permissions on /raid/data/user1.

“Nobody” can’t read the music file inside that. Unless “nobody” is a smbuser.

I’ve read somewhere else I should try and change the Runas user to “root”. Doesn’t do the trick neither.


Then it’s not a permissions issue. Then it must be a typo or something.

Has anyone been able to make this setup work, and if so, could he please share how he/she pulled it off?

Seriously, there’s no trick. The user it runs as must have permissions to the files you are asking it to serve. That’s it, as far as permissions go.

A good check for that would be to “su nobody” as root. Walk through the paths that you are asking it to read and make sure you can access them as the nobody (or the user you are using as your “run_as” user).

The problem you are observing *has* to be permissions related or just a simple typo.

Double-check your work, and I think you’ll find it.