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@naturedudeks wrote:

Really struggling here. Is this flac stuff in I looked through all the files and just didn’t find any text that looked like things you referred to, or the various files you noted in /contrib. Maybe I misunderstood which version I needed? That was the latest stable on sourceforge, pretty recent date.

Ah, yeah… no transcoding in 0.2.x

Finally gave up and loaded svn1696 instead; this seems to have the files in contrib and various references to noted switches in the config/build files. This package asked me to load sqlite and sqlite-devel. I also loaded flac-devel because it says it wasn’t finding headers, and those are usually in the *-devel packages, right? So then I re-ran configure with the –enable-flac –enable-sqlite –prefix=/usr switches. Now, I get the error “Must have libFLAC for FLAC support”. I’ve already loaded flac- but it doesn’t help. What am I missing?

You need libflac-devel. Flac is the package for playing flac files. libflac is the libraries for parsing flac files and stuff.

Seems like I am in dependency hell…several days playing with this so far. Is building this really so hard? I feel stupid!

I guess like anything it’s hard if you don’t know how, or the first few times you do it. Once you’ve done it a few times it becomes a lot easier. Plus you figure out better what the terse errors mean. 🙂

So no, I’d say it’s not hard, just new and different. You’ll get there. Might be bruised and bloodied, but you’ll get there. 🙂

— Ron