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Reply To: svn-1695, nslu2, unslung 6.8 + itunes Duration ???



@jheinitz wrote:


I just upgraded my instance of mt-daapd to svn-1695 on my NSLU2 using unslung 6.8. All fine so far, but when I connect from iTunes (ver. I can see all songs, but the duration is set to “continuous” (In German: Kontinuierlich). After selecting a song and pressing the play button, the duration is displayed correctly. The above is true for most of my AAC files. All of my MP3 files are displayed correctly.

Is this more an itunes issue or a firefly thing?

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I’d like to see one of those, if you don’t mind. Can you email me one (a short one, if possible, or even a truncated one) at [email protected]?