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@whatdoineed2do-again wrote:

therefore, would it be possible to put some form of versioning into the plugin shared libs; on *nix, you could set the DT_SONAME to have the version set and you can use the elf handling stuff to get out the value out of the ELF headers to make sure that its the correct version.. this would mean that no calls are made into the shared lib itself and would take care of the scenario i found myself in..

Yes, I keep meaning to do plugin versioning (well, I already have some, but keep neglecting to bump the version number) so I might just tie it back to the actual package version, which isn’t strictly necessary, but will stop that sort of thing. Of course, then someone will do a third-party type plugin and won’t want to track nightlies, so then I’ll have to come up with something different…

But yeah… I’ll eventually come up with a reasonable solution to fix that.

— Ron