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@Dave.B wrote:

Sorry Ron,
I know you want a log file along with posts like this, but I don’t have time (first baby due soon – probably shouldn’t even be fiddling with this!) and can’t remember how anyway.

I just installed 1691 on my slug (upgrade from 1586 which had run non stop for 112 days). It started up, and I briefly saw the web UI, and both my SoundBridges (one wired, one Wi-Fi) connected, but neither would play any songs (Unable to play song -> Play Next/Stop).
I reset both, and neither would connect, nor would the web UI come up.

Restarting the slug caused the same behaviour.

I’ve downgraded to 1586, and everything is working fine again.

Funnily enough, I’ve missed all the upgrades since 1586 as it was running so well. The only thing that caused me to upgrade now was the column showing number of songs in the smart playlists. That worked (briefly).

Maybe if someone else gets the same problem they could run a log?

Dave (Happy enough with 1586) B

There is something broken in the database, and I really need to see a -d9 log of it.

I’ve asked for one in another thread, so maybe I’ll get something there.

– Ron