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@blamm wrote:

Hi. Every couple of days my Roku m1001 cannot find Firefly. A router reset usually does the trick, but occasionally I have to restart Firefly or reset the Roku. There are two routers (both Ozenda) between the Roku and my PC. The first one is wired to the PC and provides Internet access and a 11g network, the second is wired to the first and provides a 11b network for the Roku. The PC gets switched off every night, the routers stay on. I am using svn-1586 on XP home and the latest beta on my Roku. Seems that something is either timing out or upsetting the network. Any suggestions?

I know that when the pc sleeps, bonjour doesn’t re-advertise the sessions that are registered.

I think I know how to catch wakeup messages, and I’m going to try and work around it by re-registering names when it wakes, but that would be what I suspect, I think.

– Ron