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During the last big breakage, I folded the m4v and the m4a parsers into a single parser, plus changed out the file io library. So I probably broke something. 🙂

I have an example of one that won’t parse on my desktop right now. I’ll fix parsing on that one in next nightlies, and then if you still have problems, I’d like to see one of the files, if possible.

I am having the same problem – or so I believe. Except it’s with .m4a files instead of .m4v files. Below is a snip from my log file for you to review. I’d be happy to provide any of these files for you to look at as well or help in any other way possible. Oh! I am using the “nightly” build that I downloaded just yesterday: mt-daapd-svn-1696

Yup, that’s it. I wouldn’t mind seeing that if you could make it availabe to [email protected].

— Ron