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Reply To: Problems after router flash-update (Win XP): SOLVED



@echtepino wrote:

Firefly worked fine with my Pinnacle Soundbridge M1000 till recently.
The soundbridge can’t find any music libraries.
Internet radio plays well on the M1000.
I use iBridge as the music player and he can’t find the database either.
The M1000 is seen on the Speedtouchpanel and active.

The FF service is started, log :

When I type in my browser

I’m using sv1441. Bonjour is reinstalled this morning.

I’m getting rather desperate, plse anyone?


This was after a flash update on the speedtouch?

Is there an option in the router to enable multicast or IGMP? If so, try turning that on.

When you connect the laptop on the wired side, can you see it?