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@rpedde wrote:

Interestingly, if it didn’t play all the way through, it was a client issue. If it hadn’t pushed the whole song at the soundbridge, it would have logged an error. So it sent the whole song.

That’s strange.

I keep hearing reports of this, but have never actually experienced it myself, and I can’t replicate it.

The only way I’d be able to get any good info would be to see packet traces when it happened. Then at least I’d know which side terminated the connection, or if there was connectivity problems, etc.

Would you be able to get a capture like that?

Yes, I probably could. I’m not quite that technical myself, but I have a friend who is a master Debian guru and can almost certainly set me up to get packet traces when it’s happening. It’s something like “tcpdump -i int0 -p 3689” but I’ll check with him.

The other reason I think I will be able to is that it seems to have “moods”. I had it playing for six hours straight yesterday, and it didn’t skip a beat. Same as last Thurs/Fri when it arrived. Yet Sat and Sun it was skipping all over the place and would scarcely play three songs without doing so. No amount of rebooting or other jiggery would settle it.

So next time it’s in a skipping mood I’ll call my buddy and trace some packets for you.

I just hope it doesn’t get into one of those moods during our party on Saturday!