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@magnate wrote:

Hi again,

Having said in my first post that all went well out of the box, after a couple of days the SoundBridge started skipping tracks. I don’t mean altogether (though it did skip a few entirely) – it would play part of a track (anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two) and then skip on to the next, for no apparent reason. The display just said “Unable to play song”, without any diagnostic. There was no problem with the wireless network connectivity – whenever I manually chose a new song to play it started fine, but then skipped again. It never lost its connection to the server. Nor did the load on the server (CPU, RAM etc.) change from when it worked fine to when it started skipping.

It doesn’t skip on every song though, sometimes it will play through a song completely.

The log file reveals nothing apart from the obvious fact that each song is not playing for anything like its full length:

2007-10-21 18:20:41 (b6ce1bb0): Session 0: Streaming file ’01. Two Receivers.mp3′ to (offset 0)
2007-10-21 18:24:38 (b6ce1bb0): Session 0: Streaming file ’02. Atlantis to Interzone.mp3′ to (offset 0)
2007-10-21 18:27:57 (b6ce1bb0): Session 0: Streaming file ’03. Golden Skans.mp3′ to (offset 0)
2007-10-21 18:28:18 (b5ce1bb0): Session 0: Streaming file ’04. Totem on the Timeline.mp3′ to (offset 0)
2007-10-21 18:28:57 (b6ce1bb0): Session 0: Streaming file ’05. As Above, So Below.mp3′ to (offset 0)

As you can see, the first two played fine, and the next two played for about 30 seconds each.

Yes, I am also investigating this issue in the Roku SoundBridge forums, I just thought I’d ask here in case it’s a known issue with Firefly. I’m runnding Debian Stable (Etch), so my version is quite old (0.2.4+r1376-1).

Anyone else discovered this (apologies if I have failed to find an old thread which deals with it)? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Interestingly, if it didn’t play all the way through, it was a client issue. If it hadn’t pushed the whole song at the soundbridge, it would have logged an error. So it sent the whole song.

That’s strange.

I keep hearing reports of this, but have never actually experienced it myself, and I can’t replicate it.

The only way I’d be able to get any good info would be to see packet traces when it happened. Then at least I’d know which side terminated the connection, or if there was connectivity problems, etc.

Would you be able to get a capture like that?