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Reply To: Can two clients listen to the same stream?



@magnate wrote:

Upstairs in the study I have a Windows PC with iTunes. It also sees the daap server and can stream stuff from the same library, which is great. What I’d really like is to be able to listen to the same stream that’s playing downstairs in the living room – is this possible? I can’t see any option on iTunes to listen to an existing stream, it just presents me with the library and asks me to pick something to play. Nor can I see any facility on the web interface to send the same stream to two clients, though I can see them both connected and streaming separately.

That’s really a client issue. It’s been requested a fair bit on the roku forums, but I haven’t seen any evidence it’s in the pipe. Really, it would require client-side support to do right.

If it doesn’t exist, is it theoretically possible? (I hesistate to introduce myself to a forum and immediately start asking questions about other products, but maybe it’s possible with different server software?)

Slimserver has some ability to do that, but I don’t know how well it works with the soundbridge, etc, etc. I don’t use slim much around here. 🙂

But I understand they have some support for it.

Worth a shot, anyway. Of course, the people who really do it right are Sonos, but unless you have deep pockets…

– Ron