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@bedrock wrote:

@rpedde wrote:

So this is just the plug-in, right? Doesn’t actually have the full binary and everything.

The next obvious question would be how hard to a full install or upgrade of the app via an msi dropped in add-ins?

I’ve used wix before, and will probably (after the stable) migrate to wix/votive for an msi installer, and this is more justification to do so…

I’ll install this over the weekend and let you know.

Anyone else with WHS?

— Ron

Yes Ron, this is just the plugin.

I don’t know how hard it would be to do a full install or upgrade of the firefly package via an .msi dropped in, i haven’t really played with WiX before, but i could take a look.


Did this ever go anywhere?

I’ve created an Add-In for FirePlay to run on WHS to automate the whole setup and was hoping someone had created the MSI for Firefly already, or I was going to look into it. It might seem strange doing fireplay first, but I’m a mod on the forums, and an owner of one so we have Firefly pre installed already.