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@RodSpina wrote:

hey, I don’t mean to sound lazy or anything, but I have been reading about firefly for WHS back and forth and can’t seem to figure exactly what needs to be done, and how.

there seem to be lots of good literature and explanations for the really savy guys, but nothing a slightly over the regular user can understand with confidence.

so here is my conclusions, which I haven’t tested yet…

1) download the small MSI and install it using the WHS add-in interface;
2) install the actual file server of firefly, version 1498 is currently the safest choice for WHS;
3) install some Apple middle ware, called BonJour;
4) work out some firewall port forwarding issue, if necessary

I can do items 1 and 4, but items 2 & 3 are not MSI files, but EXE so I am not sure the proper way to install them in WHS. I did find another WHS add-in, the Any Service Installer, that could be the answer for items 2 & 3 but its directions are also above my comprehension….

So, can any gentle soul help out with an understandable 1-2-3 on this ? I mean it does not have to be a Dummy guide, but something almost everyone would be able to follow…

thanks and sorry if I sound abusive,


the whs is pretty much just a regular win2k3 server. If you fire up your windows terminal service client (start -> run -> mstsc), you can connect to your whs server and log in as administrator with your WHS password.

Then you’ll be at the desktop of the server. Install bonjour and firefly like you would on a regular windows workstation, and you’re done.

— Ron