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What’s the best way to communicate, i tried to PM, but they’ve been disabled.

I did my initial development with VS2008 beta 2 and WiX 3 unstable, but i have ported back to current release versions VS2005 and WiX 2 stable)

I can drop you a zip with the code if you want to integrate it, i haven’t used SVN before, so some pointers in the that direction would be good for me

I’m familiar with the likes of VSS, SourceOffSite and SurroundSCM in a corporate environment, so it shouldn’t take too much to get familiar.

I’ve been reading about WiX this evening and i’m more than williing to give it a go (i.e. take on the whole package)

Do you have preferences on tool versions, i.e. stable vs. unstable, VS2005 vs. VS2008 etc…