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@Ken Warren wrote:

Yep. Though I haven’t posted here before, I push Firefly as a solution to streaming iTunes over on the WHS forums. And I’ve been using it for years, first on a kuro-box, then on WHS.

I’d been thinking about doing this very thing, but lack of time has kept me from it. I think it’s a great idea to get the whole package wrapped up as an add-in.

Vociferously — I’ve seen your posts on the connect forums. I should buy you a t-shirt.

There are lots of neat things that one could do from an add-in. But like you, I never really got the time to work on it. I toyed with the idea of a code2fame for it, but I’m not sure how far a not-wmp media streaming addin would have gone. 🙂

Just as well — Nic seems to be doing a nice job of it.

— Ron