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Reply To: Share dissapearing after 30 seconds in iTunes



I’m running an FSG-3 with v3.1.29, and mt-daapd installed from the ipkg in the FSG-3 optware repository (identified by the web admin pages as Version, and have a similar problem. On startup, mt-daapd is great, it finds all the music and presents itself as a shared library on the iTunes (v7) of PCs scattered through the house. Any time from a few minutes to a few hours later, it just ain’t there any more.

More info: when iTunes loses the shared library, the mt-daapd web admin pages also disappear.

All PCs are on wired ethernet connections, through the LAN side of the FSG.

I’ve also notices that there are always five or six mt-daapd processes running (according to ps). Is this normal? Or a symptom?

Other users have commented that when installed from the ipkg, the startup script complains about pidof. This is because the FSG’s Linux doesn’t have that command. Edit the startup script and replace the funky looping logic with a simple killall mt-daapd before the sleep 3.