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@spoonfed wrote:

I’m getting almost exactly the same thing, but with a very different setup.

Wired PC :- XP pro running firefly 1.0 svn-1359

Wireless laptop :- XP pro running iTunes

My Roku branded M1001 using wireless are both able to connect to the firefly share and play VBR mp3s (over 4 hours today without a hiccup).

However iTunes on my laptop initially sees the share. When I connect to it it starts loading the database then without any error messages drops back to the local music library and the share disappears. It looks like it’s dropping out at the exact moment it’s finished loading the library and should then be sorting the list of available files.

The only way to see the share again is to close and restart iTunes.

Before I installed firefly I had iTunes running on the same wired PC working fine serving to the M1001s and to my laptop.

There are no errors in the firefly log. My library is 9286 tracks.

What can I try?

One possibility is that the soundbridge and iTunes use two different protocols for talking to the server.

It might be that the rsp is working okay, but you’ve found a bug in the daap output module. That’s what iTunes uses.

Can you connect with iTunes from the PC?

Can you connect from the laptop wired?

Those two data points would help some..