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@jgoor wrote:

Every change in the config I make, I get ‘Error: 500general:mp3_dir’ as result.

My assumption is that it is due to firefly.
Especially since Ron confirmed it’s a known bug.

You are right – this is a Firefly bug and it was around for quite a while. But it’s really only a minor inconvenience. If you make one change at a time to the config using the web interface the changes will be made and you can generally ignore this error. Of course, you can also edit the config file directly using your preferred editor.

I think you may have irritated a few folks here with your “buggy” comment – the reality is that Firefly is much less buggy than many such server applications, including commercial software. “Buggy” could be taken to imply much worse problems than that which you mentioned. The very latest nightly releases are always to be regarded as works in progress and may have minor or major bugs. But apart from the error that you mentioned, version 1586 is pretty stable with many of us using it long term (not sure what version you have though).