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@jgoor wrote:

Considering the fact that this buggy firefly is included into the most adopted Linux distro (Ubuntu Gutsy), I hope this will get your maximum attention.

At this moment eg. I csnnot use my Roku the way I wanted to, only because I did an upgrade to Gusty, being ‘state of the art’ technology.

I see there’s no .deb package yet. When do you expect one to be available?

I’m not sure you understand the forces that drive open source software.

I’m also going to hope that the tone of your message was due to language translation issues, and answer civilly rather than with the terse reply I was tempted to.

This isn’t my job. I do this for personal enjoyment. I hope to have something for gutsy soon, but I’m not sure when.

In the meantime, perhaps now is a good time to learn about compiling your own software.