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Reply To: WD Mybook installation issues



@wwarren wrote:

1. Automatic scans aren’t working. I have always_scan = no, scan type = aggressive, and scan interval = 1800sec (30 min.) I thought that meant that every 30 minutes, as long as a client was connected, it would do a scan. Tonight I spent about 3 hours ripping some music and copying it to the NAS, all the while, iTunes was open with the shared library connected and a M1000 connected. None of the ripped music was auto-scanned. Suggestions for fixing that? Manually starting the scan from the web interface works fine.

Not sure. The idle timeout for the server (and iTunes) is 1800 seconds, so it might be that if you weren’t actually listening to anything, the connection might have idled off.

Or, it could be a bug. 🙂

Oh, and if it *didn’t* idle off, you have to disconnect and reconnect for iTunes to see the added files — I don’t implement updates.

2. The server status screen shows Bonjour is stopped. Why does firefly still work if Bonjour is stopped? I thought it was required.

That’s a bug.

3. If I stop the server from the web interface, is there a way to restart it short of logging into the drive and giving a “reboot” command?

Sure. I don’t know where you got the package, but the general way to start it is:

/path/to/mt-daapd -c /path/to/mt-daapd.conf

Wherever that is on the platform you have. Some are in /opt/sbin, yours might put it in /usr/local. Not sure.