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@clarky wrote:

Please help!!

I have had My Roku M1001 soundbridge for about a year… and it’s performance has been spotty at best. (lots of reboots, dropping the link, etc)

But just recently, my Firefly Media Server has been shutting down unexpectedly… with the orange logo turning red.

So, I thought I should uninstall and reinstall… so I uninstalled both Bonjour for Windows and Firefly for Windows… reinstalled them both, and now it won’t even start!! (I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling about 4 times now.)

Not sure, but that startup looks okay.

Try going into the advanced config and changing the log level to 9. Save the file, and start it from the tray icon. Then post *that* log file.

Also, it might be worth deleting the songs.db (or songs3.db, whichever it’s called in your version) from program filesfirefly media server and then seeing if it will start up after that.

Might take a while, as it will be indexing all your files again.

— Ron