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@rpedde wrote:

@iris wrote:

I’m worried now that if I try to update FF that it’ll fail. What do I have to enter to undo the commands I entered from your post?

Those are all temporary commands that go away next time you log on.

Yes, I do think that the MSS does not implement a complete version of BusyBox and whatever else as with the exception of FF I’ve been unable to install OpenSSH, DropBear or FTP. Somethings different – maybe I’ll be looking at alternatives too.

I might look at this myself too… I have a mss as well running same firmware, and got dropbear installed, but it didn’t configure right. So maybe I can walk through an openssh install and document it and see if it works for anyone else.

– Ron

I’ll reboot my MSS and check.

As far as you checking if openssh install and configures I’d sure appreciate it for one. I’ll be the first one to try any ideas you have – if you want me to try anything just let me know.