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Reply To: Installation on AMS 150 (Fujitsu Siemens)



@qwertzy0815 wrote:

Ron, meanwhile i found a shell based ipkg here .

I copied it to the /bin directory, where the busybox tools are located (all the symlinks). I did a chown root ipkg.

It seems to run, but it asks for a /etc/ipkg.conf.

You can *try*:

dest root /
src nslu2

as an /etc/ipkg.conf

Find a writable directory on your hard drive, and make a directory there, and symlink it to /opt. Then mkdir /opt/bin and drop into /opt/bin.

You might need to download the openssl.ipk, wget-ssl.ipk, and ipkg.ipk from the feed listed above and manually install them using the you have.

Once you have that, you should be bootstrapped. do an ipkg update, and try ipkg install mt-daapd. That will get you the *old* mt-daapd.

If you can get that far, let me know, and I’ll make a ppc ipkg for nightlies.

— Ron

Once you have all three of those,