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@valdemar wrote:

It has to emit something. As it scans the directory, it will emit a “found %s” message for each directory element. You should be able to follow at least as far down the path as it gets to the actual songs.

Well, you are right. I thought everything would turn up in syslog; but after creating a log specific to mt-daapd, I got the information needed.

The thing is that the meta data cannot be read. Example:

2007-10-22 17:30:22 (00004000): Cannot read FLAC metadata from /usr/public/flac/Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli/ - Schumann ....

This is not an isolated problem. I get this behavior with hundreds of songs. They all seem to include proper metadata.

The problem might be related to this:
Any solution yet?


Yeah, that’s possible. Can you send me one of those flacs with a note that it’s a flac that won’t read metadata? ([email protected])?