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Reply To: svn-1671 on Mac – Broken Pipe



@sunbeamguy wrote:

This time I got the broken pipe in the middle of a track after I’d been streaming for 74 minutes and ~34 seconds after a successful mt-daapd start

I killed the process then started again successfully and played the exact same tracks and it died again, on the same song at 74 minutes and 33 seconds.

Now I’m thinking it’s the specific track, so I restart and play the suspect track first, followed by another couple of albums in the queue. Played flawlessly through the suspect track and died with broken pipe at 74 minutes and 38 seconds of playing…

This seems time related and I’m trying to think up a good next step to take.


That’s a mdns issue. If you are getting the “no library found”, then the soundbridge is deciding the daap server shut down and is closing the connection.

Usually that’s because whatever you are using as a server is allowing outbound multicast, but isn’t seeing the multicast queries.

Is it firewalled? It needs to be able to receive UDP 5353 from

— Ron