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Reply To: FMS on a Debian-NSLU2 and ITUNES allways disconnects



@Turkey1976 wrote:


i am using a NSLU2 with Debian-Linux and the newest mt-daap for arm processors. Unfortunately if Firefly is already running and i start itunes (on my macbook and PC) itunes didn`t “see” the FMS. After a restart with /etc/init.d/mt-daapd restart the music share appears in itunes. But after serveral Minutes the connection gets lost and won`t be established until I restart FMS nanually. Im using WIFI but (i think) the WIFI connection is stable because several other servers as samba, vsftp and ssh run perfektly.

I need a hint!


Your server isn’t seeing incoming udp port 5353 from If it’s not firewall on the server (and that’s the best bet), then it’s an issue with the router and multicast. See if there is an option on the router web admin page to enable IGMP or multicast.

— Ron