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Reply To: Can’t connect to firefly from other computers



@andyg wrote:

tcp/udp ports in the firewall on the ubuntu machines? and just a tcp exception on the Mac box in the firewall? Scan the (old) info here

Can you give me a hint, where to search? I already scanned that thread a few hours ago but couldn’t find anything useful.

@andyg wrote:

it’s relevant for the mac os box and a search under ubuntu and/or firewall may give you the relevant tcp/udp exceptions you need for the ubuntu ones. (and an upgrade to a more recent nightly may be of help..)

I have no firewall on the ubuntu machines installed and, as noted above, I also turned of the on on OS X.

And now that I write this I remember that I forgot to mention that I had mt-daapd (installed from darwinports) running with a small subset of my mp3 files and they were served to the ubuntu machines flawlessly. The only problem with the mt-daapd and so the reason for switching to firefly was, that mt-daapd ate up 80% CPU time and didn’t finish scanning all my music files.

Oops… stay tuned… I just did the port thingy (3689 instead of 1024 tho) and now the Server is seen… I wait for it to finish retrieving the list…

BINGO! YMMD! Thanks! How could I have overseen that?