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Reply To: Adding a ‘space’ to the config file MP3 filepath



@hdpete wrote:

Hopefully the subject makes sense.

I successfully installed Firefly on my Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB last night after following the instructions in the Wiki. What a breeze! It worked flawlessly.

The only issue I had was configuring the config file to point to my music share: /mnt/array1/mydocs/My Music.

Because the filepath includes a space in the ‘My Music’ folder, I couldn’t get the config file to recognise the space. I tried double quotes but to no avail. If I used <cd “/mnt/array1/mydocs/My Music”> then the space was recognised at the command line, however as a variable it doesn’t seem to work.

Renaming the folder with no spaces in the name resolved the problem.

I’m no Linux expert, but is there a trick to include a space in the filepath, such as a %20, ?, ‘ etc?

Thanks for any advice

for mp3_dir?

mp3_dir=/mnt/array1/mydocs/My Music

should work just fine. It does have issues with commas, they have to be escaped with a backslash, but spaces should work just fine.

— Ron