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Reply To: MACOS 10.4.10-have to switch of the firewall to get a connec



@andyg wrote:

PS.: Firefly Pref – everything is on automatic; I tried some other ports on manual but it did not work at all

strange… normally assigning a port manually IS the best way to get FF working on the Mac. Of course you need to specify that port also in the firefly config page – and you need to add the port as an exception is the Mac firewall:

Go to System prefs/Sharing/Firewall and select New. Port name is ‘Other’, assign a port in TCP – I use 1024 for example. UDP leave blank, give the name ‘Firefly’. Ok that. Go to the Firefly pref pane is System prefs and click Advanced. Set ‘Assign Server Port’ to ‘Manually’ and then enter the port number you have chosen. Apply the change.

The other thing to do is shorten the automatically generated name assigned to Firefly – that was a known bug a while back that glitched up FF and may still be the case.

hope that helps…

what andy said with pictures: