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Reply To: Broken Pipe issue clarification/resolution



@rpedde wrote:

Obviously that isn’t working in your version. What client are you using, and what’s the size of the .flac file? And is it encoded something other than 44.1 stereo 16 bit?

I can try and repo it.

— Ron

This is happening with all of my flac files. My flac encoder is v1.1.2. The file size of the one I posted is 38,601 kb but like I said it’s happening on all flacs. There are all encoded 44.1 stereo. Bit rates though with flacs are all very high – not sure that’s what you wanted to know.

As far as my client, I’m running Firefly on my MSS+ (see my signature) NAS and installed it per your wiki. You know, other than this issue the files all play fine regardless if their mp3, wma or flac – it just seems the flac files which need to be transcoded to wav are the ones affected. I did read a post where one user was having similar type problems with his ogg files that are transcoded too.

I’d be interested to know if you or anyone else is seeing similar behaviour where a transcoded file generates a broken pipe error and consequently details like last played time doesn’t get updated to the database. That should be easy to verify!

Or, irrespective of the ‘broken pipe’ error can anyone verify if a transcoded flac file updates the database with the time last played? This can be verified by creating a smart playlist like I did using the following code:

time_played after 1 day before today

Should show any and all tracks played since the day before.

Iris 😕

P.S. BTW, I tested the file with the audiotester and they passed, FWIW.