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Reply To: Broken Pipe issue clarification/resolution



@iris wrote:

Hi Ron,

This is the first time that this issue has affected me and I only noticed it because I created a ‘Smart’ playlist that included the code:

time_played before 6 months before today

I noticed that as my wma or mp3 tracks were played they were removed from the playlist but NOT any of my flac files. Reviewing the log showed any flac files that were played a write error had occured. Here’s a snippet of the log with all three types:

Streaming file 'Diana Krall - It Could Happen To You.wma' to (offset 0)
Streaming file 'Joe Henderson - Miles Ahead.flac' to (offset 0)
(00185804): Executing /opt/sbin/ "/shares/mss-hdd/Public/Our Music/J/Joe Henderson/So Near, So Far "'('"Musings for Miles"')'"/Joe Henderson - Miles Ahead.flac" 0 271.533 "flac"
Write error: Broken pipe
Finished streaming file to remote: 2084864 bytes
Session 0: Streaming file 'Ray Obiedo - Real Life.mp3' to (offset 0)
Finished streaming file to remote: 7673856 bytes

I’ve read a few posts on the “broken pipe” issue but I couldn’t ascertain whether it was fixed. I’ve stayed with svn-1489 for some time now simply because I wasn’t haven’t many issues and decided to stay with it until the next “stable” release. Was the broken pipe issue addressed in one of the nightlies? By your recent posts seems 1589 might be the most stable but I’d only upgrade to that if it solved this issue I’m having here.



Don’t know. The issue is that when it transcodes wav files, it doesn’t really know what the ultimate file length is going to be, so it has to guess what the length of the output .wav is. So when it prepares to send the file, it sends what it thinks might be the length of the file, and figures if it sent 90% or so of the file, then it probably sent the whole file and bumps the last_played.

Obviously that isn’t working in your version. What client are you using, and what’s the size of the .flac file? And is it encoded something other than 44.1 stereo 16 bit?

I can try and repo it.

— Ron