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@g4fa wrote:


I’m french and i try to install Firefly on my maxtor share

I read the MMS Guide but when i try to install
i have always this problem : ipkg: invalid magic

Who can help me ?

Thanks a lot

ipkg install mt-daapd
Upgrading x??p}8p}?? mt-daapd on root from 0.2.4-1 to svn-1659-1...
Installing libvorbis (1.1.2-5) to root...
ipkg: invalid magic

That’s an ftp problem. Not sure why, but on some systems, the ftp doesn’t work when optware is installed. The workaround is to download the file by hand and install it that way… for example, download by hand and put it someplace on the mss you can get to it (one of the samba shares) and then install it from that location (ipkg install /path/to/libvorbis_1.1.2-5_mipsel.ipk).

Or, install the wget from unslung and use that to download it…

ipkg install wget
ipkg install libvorbis_1.1.2-5_mipsel.ipk

Maybe you could do something with setting your path to include /opt/bin before /bin, and symlink /bin/wget to /opt/bin/wget, and maybe that would work too, but I haven’t tried that.

— Ron