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@don quixada wrote:

I’m having trouble connecting to the mt-daapd server from my Soundbridge. Is there any way to troubleshoot or is there a FAQ I can check?

I’ll describe the problem anyway:

I’m using svn-1586. My wireless connection, while not great, is not the problem because I can connect to the radio stations. The problem is when I try to connect to the mt-daapd server I get an error message saying that it cannot connect. Sometimes I try connecting until it finally connects, but that doesn’t always work. Other times I need to restart the server to get it to connect. And most of the time, when connected it is very sluggish and drops the connection sometimes.

And yes, the server seems to be running with no problems on my computer. So, I’m wondering if others have had (and solved) similar issues or if there was a way I could troubleshoot.



Radio stations are usually a lot less bandwidth than the daap server. Bitrate on lots of radio stations are 64kb or 128kb. You could probably stream 128kb mp3s from the daap server, but the initial connection and library load has to be completed in a certain amount of time — the roku has hard-coded timeouts in it.

You can verify that it’s a wireless issue by connecting the sb wired as a test, of course.

I know people have had luck with inexpensive high gain antennas on the wireless base station.