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Reply To: My Soundbridge can’t connect



@mishadreams wrote:


My SB (?) can see my wi-fi network but when trying to connect just says ” no DCHP connection using local link”

whats going on. I’m running firefly svn 1586 after reading this forum. Initailly Firefly wouldn’t stop “starting up” an issue which has been resolved by shortening the default name as suggested. I’ve disabled my firewall, though the SB could always see the network and at a loss as to what to try now.

Does iTunes need to be running?

any ideas folks greatfully recieved.



No, it sounds like the sb has dropped the wirless connection. If it says it can’t get a dhcp address, then it’s not seeing the rest of your network.

Either that or you don’t have a dhcp server on your network but that would be surprising, as most routers have dhcp built-in.

Double check that your wireless connection is set up okay and the sb can see it fine.

Then check your ip on the soundbridge (should show up on your system config menu option (i think that’s what it’s called)), and see ifyou can ping that address from your workstation.